Choices! – choosing the right puppy for us

photo-1525253013412-55c1a69a5738OMG! They are all so cute. How’s a girl supposed to decide!? OK, I need to backtrack. This is not just ‘my’ dog, it’s the ‘family’ dog, so I have to take other people into account… or at least look like I am taking them into account!

Noah: “I want a dog that can come up for cuddles on the sofa” (the rule breaker)

Dylan: “I want a medium sized dog, not too big and not too small” (he secretly wants sofa cuddles too, but he’s just too old to admit it!)

Me: “Intelligent and easy to train.. oh and its poo must smells of roses” (always the optimist!)

Ollie: “Whatever makes you all happy.” (he’s the best right?!)

Coco and Sadie (the cats): Non! Nein! Nyet! Just no! NO DOG! Please.” 

There are actual books written on choosing the right puppy for you, but frankly the decision was overwhelming enough without reading a book on the subject. I got the best advice from friends who already have a dog – people who know us, our family and how we roll. In the end found a breeder who had a litter of four cockapoos ready to leave in three weeks’ time. Yikes! This is really going to happen!

We turned up at the farm expecting to be torn and wanting to take them all home. Luckily, we all fell in love with the same one. She was flat on her back legs akimbo and  fast asleep with her little round tummy providing a bouncy pillow for her wriggling brothers and sisters. What’s more, she was a delicious brown and sable colour with unusual markings. It was love at first sight and we returned home with three weeks to prepare for the arrival of our bundle of joy!

I mean, seriously! Look at this irresistible little button-nosed dumpling!


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Breaking down barriers


Everyone we know is getting a dog. E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E! I love it – I get the cuddles and licks and the adoring looks and tail wagging and dog walking… all without the responsibility. AND I don’t have to pick up their poo! Win-win!

“It’s fine picking up their poo”, says my friend Ems. “It’s like changing your own baby’s nappy.. it doesn’t bother you.”  Yeah, right!

I love animals. I’m constantly reposting videos of a cute row of ducklings following mother duck, the cat who’s adopted a mouse, the handsome dude who has rescued a baby deer (I am just looking at the baby deer, honest!). My husband has got used to me asking: “Can I have a baby elephant for Christmas?” or “I want an aardvark for my birthday!”. He knows it’s tongue in cheek, but plays along and responds with a very firm “NO!”.

But, this summer we were sat on the beach when a couple walked past with a gorgeous little puppy. As I melted into the sand, I turned to my husband and said “Can we get a puppy?”, fully expecting the usual resounding “No.”  But instead he said, “Sure. Why not?” Me: “What, really?” Him: “Yes, really!”

Squeeeeaaaal! We’re getting a puppy!

“Can we get a puppy?”


Dylan or Noah: “Mum? Can we get a puppy?” (said in their best wheedling voices)

Me: Sigh… “No.” (it’s not the first time I’ve heard this question!)

D or N : “But why?” (Oscar-winning wheedling voices now in play!)

Me: Big sigh… “Really? You want me to explain? Again? OK!

  1. We’re a cat family. We’ve two cats, who we love dearly and they wouldn’t welcome a dog in our house.
  2. We go away for up to six weeks in the summer – it wouldn’t be fair.
  3. It would need walking every single day. Like, FOREVER!
  4. You have to pick up its poo – that will make me (who will inevitably end up being primary dog walker) hurl!

I could go on, but I think you get the picture. So, no, we are NOT getting a dog!”

This conversation is played on repeat once every few months – which in theory should be the end of this blog. But I’m guessing you all know what’s coming next.

To blog or not to blog?


I’ve been pondering writing a blog for quite some time now, but seriously, who’s got time? And who wants to read anything I’ve got to say anyway? And what the hell does ‘blog’ stand for? OK now I’ve got to look …

So the mighty Google tells me it’s an acronym for:

  • Web Log
  • Better Listings on Google
  • Big Load of Gossip

Hmmm…. boring! Where do I fit in here? I guess Web Log. Do you see what they’ve done here. It’s celebrity coupling aka Brangelina and Bennifer – well almost. Web Log > Blog!

Ironically there’s an abundance of blogs out there on “How to write a blog”, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the best kind of blog is one that writes itself. If you overthink it, it ain’t going to happen.

While we’re on the subject of overthinking, it’s one of the things I excel at in life as you will soon find out, so time to embrace the inevitable… here goes nothing!

OK, let’s get the formalities out of the way first. I’m Maija, mum to Dylan, 17 and Noah, 14 and married to Ollie (holy crap, 20 years this year!). Pets I have owned and loved: as a child, my first pet was a guinea pig, Petronella, who didn’t last long owing to a nasty stomach issue. She was followed swiftly by another guinea pig called Percy, who lived a long and happy life. Goats Dorcas and Phoebe followed and their offspring, Samuel, Sebastien and Rosi, then cats, Pushkin and Kizzy.

Ollie and I got our practice kids (sorry, kittens) Monkey and Tom, just after we got married. Until the ages of 9 and 14, they were our boys’ brothers. Since then, more cats, guinea pigs, snails, hamsters, a stick insect, lice (although strictly speaking not pets, they stubbornly stuck around our house for some time and almost became family!).

The current inhabitants of our house are Sadie and Coco, our two beloved cats, who pretty much rule the roost! Despite having a perfectly functional cat flap, they will often sit by the French doors breathing on the glass until one of us takes pity and lets them in. Lazy!sadie and coco 1

Anyway, I digress. The focus of this blog is going to be family pets and pretty much anything related to that, or whatever happens to pop into my too busy head at any particular time.