Our family’s top 7 cat characters

Cats have featured heavily in books films and cartoons over the decades in all shapes, sizes and colours. And whether chasing mice, sauntering down the alley or destined for royalty, they remain firm favourites for family films and children’s books. We were discussing our favourite cat characters the other day, so I thought I would fill you in with our top 7. Why 7? Why not?!

Famous Cat Names1. Garfield

I asked sons Dylan and Noah who they thought wasthe most famous cat character and they both gave an emphatic ‘Garfield’! I am guessing this is probably a generational thing, because Garfield wouldn’t be my first guess. Garfield was originally a lazy, cynical orange comic strip cat created by cartoonist Jim Davis, before becoming an animation cartoon cat.


tom and jerry2. Tom

In husband Ollie’s opinion, Tom, most famous for his ongoing rivalry with mouse Jerry, is the most famous fictional cat and I am with him on that (though still not my favourite!). I must have watched dozens of episodes of Tom and Jerry in my childhood – an absolute classic that this generation of kids have missed out on.


aristocats cats3. Thomas O’Malley

Thomas O’Malley (the ginger one!) is my absolute favourite fictional cat. I loved the Aristocats as a child, in fact it was my first ever LP record and I sang along to it incessantly! My favourite song was Thomas O’Malley, which despite my atrocious memory, I can still sing verbatim!



4. Cat in the Hat

This Dr. Seuss character has iconic status among our litter of literary cats. His peculiar and oh-so familiar face will be a favourite for children for generations to come. I would read these books over and over as a child and it was with pleasure that I introduced these books to my boys as bedtime reading.



Screenshot 2019-01-02 at 18.48.54.png5. Top Cat

Another favourite of mine, I would watch episodes of Top Cat back to back and sing along to the opening jingle so eloquently I could have written it myself (well, at least that’s how I remember it!).


Famous Cat Names6. Sylvester

A treasured Looney Tunes character, and one of my favourites. I spent many an hour watching Sylvester torment Tweetie Pie and mimicking his spittle splattering lisp when he said “Sufferin’ Succotash!”



Famous Cat Names

6. Hello Kitty

More of a brand than a character, but Hello Kitty has taken the world by storm for more than 40 years and it doesn’t look like that’s slowing down anytime soon. She features on everything from T-shirts to tableware and her simple features are unmistakeable. Once the sole domain of young girls, she is now deemed ‘cool’ by teenagers and young adults. Now, where’s my Hello Kitty pencil case..?



Famous Cat Names

7. Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire Cat can be found lurking in the pages of the book Alice and Wonderland. I wouldn’t necessarily describe him as a favourite, but he has certainly stuck in my mind. He kind of gives me the creeps and has done since I was a child. But the shivery good kind of creeps rather than scary creeps!

And there you have it! Below are some more we thought of. I wonder if we have missed some out. We’d love to hear your comments on this – who are your favourite fictional felines? Get involved in the discussion below!

cat cartoons 1.jpg

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